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Guido Smets

Technical Language Services




Technical translation

Manuals, requirement specifications, product descriptions, technical documentation, websites: Every text comes with its own specific challenges. In my work, I particularly focus on research and phraseology that is appropriate for the target audience. A good translation does not show that it is a translation.



Do you have any German or English texts that do not meet your expectations with regard to content or style? Do you require a second pair of eyes to ensure that your texts are of high quality? I am at your service to make the most of your texts in line with your requirements.


Being an experienced speaker and trained sound engineer, I also offer voiceover recording of your scripts - for corporate image videos, e-learning content, product presentations, etc. I inspire confidence in your target group with my voice and professional equipment.


About me

I am infatuated with technology, a language enthusiast and an eloquent writer. I love to familiarize myself with complex issues. Providing technical language services is my dream job.



Theodore E. MacInnes, Senior Project Manager, Linguistic Systems Inc.

"I’ve worked with Guido for a few years now and he has been responsive and delivered on time.  He has a wide variety of knowledge as a translator and would be a valuable asset to any translation team."


My services

The purpose of my services is to help you achieve your goals in a globalized world. Are you unsure what you need? I would be happy to advise you on suitable services and to make a non-binding offer free of charge.


International communication can only succeed if it is based on both language skills and extensive technical knowledge. Benefit from my sound education and many years of experience.


It is great attention to detail that enables the precise reproduction of content in the target language. My work reflects every detail of what you wanted to get across.


If your technical documents are targeted at customers or business partners, good writing style is of the essence. I always find just the right words for you.

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